Nikko is one of the best natural beauty tips for hair, but this is not exactly the way you should try. In contrast to people believe, the scalp is very sensitive and may get sunburned, damaged hair follicles. It can cause irreparable damage to your head and you can further dry your hair and leave it undernourished. So, if you want to brighten your hair, try more natural whitening products like lemon, away from sunlight too often.
1. Brushing 100 strokes at night will make your hair healthier
Regular brushing helps unlock your lock, but more importantly it increases blood circulation and helps stimulate hair follicles. The famous “100 times a night at bedtime” will not help your hair. 100 Stokes may be too much! Today, since most of us do not have time for this, please make this myth of your list. Before falling asleep, please attach a pointed hair brush to your hair and do not split your hair. Lose entanglement with your fingers and calmly polish until your hair is beautiful and smooth.
2. Sleeping with open hair promotes growth
The old acknowledgment says to make the hair fall asleep to revive the scalp and the roots, making it easy to grow hair. Well, to tell you the truth, the idea is pretty idiot. When you open your hair and go to bed, your hair tangles, your hair oil spreads to your skin and when your skin is sensitive, give pimples. Therefore, it is best to twist your hair with a knot or tie it loosely and comfortably instead of pulling tightly. This will cause ripping. Loose clips and head knots will hold the hair of the face. After all, your scalp needs only healthy, nutritious natural care tips. Please be careful not to overtighten your hair. If you close your hair too much, pull your hair and break your hair when you sleep and sleep. And when you sleep with a silk pillow all the time, hair tends to soften compared to cotton pillowcases.
Your hair will stop growing after a while
When reaching the potential full length, they say that hair stops growing at some point. In fact, if you take care of your hair well by following some of the best natural beauty tips for hair and following a balanced diet, your hair grows as long as you want I can. Your diet will affect the health of your hair, so eat lots of nutritious foods, avoid processed foods and get a sufficient amount of protein. However, if you are developing a split end of hints, your hair will no longer grow.
4. Stress causes gray hair growth
Both my grandmother and my mother share a family myth that many young generation women start to believe. One of these myths is that gray hair is caused by stress. After all, this myth of hair is another myth. Because, in fact, gray hair is caused by genetic influences. Research shows that stress can affect your genes, but to be frank, it will take time before your genes change and affect the rate at which hair changes to gray . So please never think that stress has something to do with gray hair. It is more relevant to your DNA make-up and your DNA than other things.
5. Binding the ponytail will help reduce dandruff
This myth says that if you put your hair in a ponytail and put it in a bun, or put it in a different way, you will get rid of dandruff. These are all cute styles, but the truth does not do anything for dandruff! This method hides all flakes, but from there you need to take care of your hair and eliminate those nasty small flakes with the right products like Dabur Vatika Lemon and Henna Dandruff Shampoo .
6. Cold water will take care of your hair
I thought it was a common belief among many beauty salons, but in fact it should not be myths, ladies, or freezing. Cold water does not make your hair better than that. But extreme fever, it could damage your hair, water or hair dryer or even the sun. If it turns out to be useful, cold water products will not effectively wash out your hair and warm water, and will not make your hair healthy or bright. Cold water may temporarily appear to illuminate your hair, but lukewarm helps to make your hair grow faster by stimulating the hair follicles in your head.
I think that the popularity of these myths is incredible and it seems that millions of people do not believe them. Fortunately, these best natural beauty tips did not make you believe these myths. Is there a myth about the hair you were surprised with? Do not forget to share us with the following comments. Learn more about home relief for gentle hair.

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