1. This philosophy of “sex with your pants” is completely retroactive.
Set 30 refers to consuming “unauthorized” items made from “approved” items (eg, serial free and sugar-free pancakes) such as “sex with pants”. As you are tempted to eat good food, I warn you to redefine your favorite food with Paleo ingredients.

Analogy is smart enough, but it is prudent to plan long-term weight loss with immediate action by suggesting a delicious alternative way to eliminate certain cravings of food (eg muffin English).

Let’s try this instruction: When you want to have a good time start by asking if something else gives you nibbles (stress, sadness, boredom, etc.). If the answer is “yes”, we are already solving the thirst by recognizing that it is not related to food. In this case, please take a walk, take a break, call a friend.

If not, please decide if you need a specific flavor: In contrast to whole broccoli, pizza cheese, brownie chocolate etc. Guaq your desire is for taste and the overall “dump” If the towel is “food”, SWYPO is not for you, but works for you! And if you only need a cupcake (I feel you!): Please ruin yourself and have fun.

2. We can all tolerate administrative torture, but temporary.
We can do everything for 30 days. That is not impossible. I am only saying that the restrictive structure is temporarily “working” temporarily and temporary things often lead to temporary results.

Try this field: Set your daily goals to help you feel happy and healthy: Plan nutritious homemade dinners for your family, try vegetables from the farmer’s market, Please prepare lunch for work. These are small but powerful changes without relying on poverty. If you learn daily goals, try it several times (more than 3!) To reload your weight loss game

3. I can not eat plans.
To many of us it is simply unrealistic to travel with a personal cup of coconut oil, to eat with friends, without cheese, without cheese, without bacon.

If you really want to get involved with Whole 30’s lifestyle, you do not need to make judgments! My concern is that it is not easy to buy the idea that a more healthy food is synonymous with the limit if this plan seems to be impractical. What is in this attitude? “Screw it” diet, “Because the diet is desperate, I order a bacon cheeseburger, so there are not many healthy alternatives.

Let’s try this domain: Reasonably prepare: Read delicious food at delicious restaurants (put vegetables if you have questions, do not eat fried food), always plan something. You eat at surrender.

Cheeseburger is not alone, and meals and travel do not affect or affect your health. It is a custom of protecting us over time that we choose better foods, reduce weight and lead healthy lives.

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